Zeolite cubana

Volcanic rock for the protection of plants in organic farming

Bioagrotech offers a powerful reinforcement made with powder from volcanic rock formed millions of years ago from the meeting of lava with sea water: zeolite.

100% pure and without additives of any kind, Bioagrotech zeolite is a completely ecological and natural mineral reinforcing agent. Its use is allowed in organic farming.

Used in powder, a solution or in combination with plant protection products, products of the zeolite cubana line are perfect for treatments on horticultural products, grains, fruit trees and ornamental plants.


  • 100% pure: clinoptilolite-heulandite 67.5% + mordenite 32.5%
  • Without additives
  • Reduces pesticide residue
  • Increases the effectiveness of plant protection products
  • Can be used in powder or diluted
  • Increases resistance to external agents
  • Regulates residual moisture on leaves and fruit
  • Helps the healing of wounds on plants
  • Forms a real barrier of protection against harmful micro-organisms
  • Has an adhesive function