The art of nourishing plants and soil according to Bioagrotech

How nature helps organic and biodynamic farming

Bioagrotech treatments strengthen and protect crops without altering the soil in a traumatic manner: sustainable agriculture can lean on the precious natural resource offered by biodiversity.

Biodiversity is the main wealth that the earth offers to agriculture. Thanks to the interaction between the micro-organisms and the roots of the plants, the soil – more precisely the rhizosphere – constitutes a complex, perfect and efficient ecosystem.

Bioagrotech’s approach to agriculture and crop protection is based precisely on this system offered by natural biodiversity, exploiting the qualities of micro-organisms to make the natural defenses of plants stronger, and the soil richer.

With a total respect for biodiversity, Bioagrotech organic fertilizers do not eliminate potentially harmful micro-organisms, but rather enhance those useful for plants, naturally obtaining great advantages for agriculture without resorting to aggressive treatments.