Innovation in agriculture

Scientific research and experimentation for sustainable agriculture

Bioagrotech’s mission is to provide environmentally and biodiversity-friendly solutions to the main sector to promote organic farming. Profound knowledge of the market and the specific needs of agriculture allow the company to present effective and innovative products to agribusiness.

But what makes Bioagrotech’s range of organic fertilizers and reinforcements so efficient? Scientific research: since its founding, the company has established strong relationships with research institutes, universities and test centers.

It constantly carries out research activities in order to develop efficient products and evaluate their effects in the field, with specific tests per product and culture, certified by expert technicians at renowned external test centers.

Before being marketed, each product of the Bioagrotech range is tested through controlled and validated intervention plans: the results of these experiments are made available to customers, demonstrating the company’s transparency as well as the importance attributed to scientific data.