31 May 2018

About us

Bioagrotech – crop fertilizers and natural aids

The most advanced and sustainable solutions for organic and biodynamic agriculture come from nature

Bioagrotech products enhance the natural defenses of plants and enrich the soil. It is in this way they allow for a significant reduction in the use of plant protection products, also reducing their residual presence on crops.

Bioagrotech promotes best practices for the progress of organic and sustainable agriculture to encourage farmers of all types of crops.

Bioagrotech srl is a company in the Republic of San Marino that is specialized in the study, processing and marketing of organic and mineral fertilizers and substrates that are ideal for the needs of organic, biodynamic and integrated pest management.

The company was founded in 2011 through the coming together of professionals specialized in different fields; since then, they have collaborated for growth based on research and development of innovative treatments for agriculture that also respect for the environment and biodiversity.